This product line has been created to unload materials in bulk from trucks and tractors : hydraulic platforms allow truck tilting to unload materials in bulk to collection pits for hoppers .

  • MADE IN ITALY - Completely designed and manufactured in Italy.
  • 50 YEAR EXPERTISE- Since 1965 we manufacture platforms for thousands of projects worldwide.
  • ECOINNOVATION - Optimization of the logistic cycle: fewer displacements, less fuel, less CO2.
  • ATEX - Atex 22 D compliance upon request. 


For logistic purposes of materials in bulk such as vegetal grain, wheat, corn, beets, grapes, feeding stuff, beans, potatoes, sugar cane and inorganic materials in bulk such as sand, gravel, inert materials, waste, cereals and cereal by-products, fertilizer chips, wooden chips, waste and raw materials for concrete.



Applicability can vary from wheat storage and milling plants, to flours handling within mills for soft and hard wheat, maize, silos mechanization processes for cereals.
Processing plants for industrial sands and similar products and waste handling are another application field.



Side aisle
Side aisle

Side aisle platform

Dimensions: 8,13.5, 18 meter x 0.70

Loading capacity: from 30 to 60 tons
Tilt degree:  30°



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Rear platform

Dimensions: 8 until 21 meter x 2.70

Loading capacity: from 50 until 100 tons

Tilt degree: 45°

Hydraulic and automatic wheel chock system for load lock-in.

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Side flat platform

Dimensions: length 8,13.5, 18 Mt x 2.85 Mt
Loading capacity: from 30 until 60 tons.

Tilt degree: 35°

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Technical characteristics for standard platforms

Tilting Type: Lateral or back tilting 
Length: Until 21 meter
Width: Fron 0.75 until 3 meter
Loading capacity: From 30 until 100 ton
Tilting degree: Until 45°
Oil pressure: Until 150 bar
Temperature: +5° until + 50°



Frames: Platforms have been designed for heavy duties under any condition and their strength is guaranteed by certified first quality steel for frames manufacture. Welding procedures and personnel for soldering operations have a welding licence.


Hydraulic system

Any component has been designed to assure the longest duration of the whole plant. Engines of different power levels according to the different lifting specifications are provided with oil filters both for suction and for inflation to guarantee the best oil filtering operation. Electrovalves are of first quality, the plant has pressure gauges to check pressure parameters, dual control with manual valves for emergency operations or for power shutdown.
Top quality connecting piping have a strengthened resistance for a longer durability. Dimensions of large diameter cylinders also telescopic can guarantee low pressure operations and can sooth stress for all the components of the plant.

Electric control

Electrical plants are compliant with CE marking regulations and CEI EN 61439 regulations, on request CEI EN 60079 can be supplied.

Power panels with protection degrees until IP 66.

Compliance for ATEX Area 22 D can be supplied on request.


Frame undergoes sand blasting and dry painting at a monitored temperature level and with predefined layers.

Easy transoprt throughout the world

Our platforms have been designed to be shipped all over the world with open top containers.

Assistance and assembly

Our company supplies after-sales service and assembling service throughout the world.

Qualité, environment and safety

Manufacturing operations at Bertoja comply with the most recent regulations related to Quality, Environment and Safety of operators and end users.

The company is certified with OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 14001, Environmental Management System e ISO 9001, Quality Management System.